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Yo troopers!

I was invited by HUMORADIO to come on over to the studio and have a chat about my blog ànd my second attempt for an D’ANGELO Polaroid.

SOFIE ENGELEN & MAXIME DE WINNE were my lovely hosts who made me feel right at ease for my very first radio show appearance. (OMG!!)


The interview is Dutch-spoken, but if you are curious to find out how my voice sounds on the radio (??) you can re-listen to the show here.

(you need to click on the show from Friday, July 13th!)

I couldn’t leave before taking an obligatory picture with my lovely HUMORADIO hosts of course.


Thank you so much HUMORADIO for inviting me!!


HUMO has been a day 1 trooper since 2009, when former HUMO editor-in-chief JÖRGEN OOSTERWAAL gave me a little spot on HUMO.BE to help the blog get noticed with a broader audiance. Then crisis hit & something like ‘online time-management’ marked the end of my collaboration with HUMO.BE but I always remember the ones who were there from the very beginning, so big shoutout to HUMO & JÖRGEN. 



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