Welcome to the A POLAROID STORY video page.

If I have the opportunity and the means to make my own video content you will find it here. I can’t predict how my video stories will go, since it’s very hard to put what I do in production, the variables in my way of working are very unpredictable. Sometimes I can film just a moment, sometimes I can stay and document everything. The energy and the atmosphere of that specific day and the story behind that dictates the video content and not the other way around. I assembled a small team of people around me who work with me voluntarily which means you will see different dop styles, different cameras, different cuts, etc. There is no format, there is just the attempt of showing a moment closest to how I experienced it. Sometimes it’s all about the performance, sometimes I’m granted an interview, sometimes it’s just a moment, as instant as a Polaroid. Video content is always an addition to the story and never a given, only a plus. Now, let’s see where my video documents will take us in the meantime, shall we? 


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