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Amsterdam, Oktober 2010

Hello troopers,

The year is coming to its end, and so is this little blog’s content… Don’t worry. I still have a few small surprises in store, but I’ll leave that for next week. For now, I wanted to share this little press feature with you all.

A while ago I was invited to come to AMSTERDAM (gotta love my AmsterDajumn! troopers) to participate in a little experiment and make an editorial for BLEND MAGAZINE together with five other bloggers: Dennis from GET YOUR PLANE RIGHT ON TIME –  Alvar from SWURDIN Cindy from COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE WE HAVE CANDYSerena from BEAUTYLAB & the notorious Branko from well… DENNIS BRANKO I was the only Belgian gal invited amongst the other fellow invitees, so I was pretty nervous.

We were asked to construct a complete editorial for one of my favorite Dutch magazines called BLEND MAGAZINE with garment from a renowned Dutch online store called FRESHCOTTON. Together with my bestie SABINE PEETERS who ended up helping out on the shoot, we travelled to Amsterdam. It turned out to be a very long and challenging day and I even unexpectedly ended up in the model department replacing a model that didn’t show up. Oh well… Here’s the visual recap of that day….

Serena doing her thing in the make-up department

my girl Sabine taking care of hair

Dennis & Cindy snapping away on the first set

set props

Me, styled by CINDY in all FRESHCOTTON everythang #fresh

Me , trying to make sense on camera

RORY (production)  & DENNIS up for some trouble

2nd Set : Alvar dotting the i on the menswear

SONNY GROO, fashion editor @ Blend, keeping an eye on things

Dennis & Dennis in a shooting galore

models flaunting FRESHCOTTON gear

SONNY GROO. #nevernotstyling

Alvar and Dennis doing their thing

straight Timberland-esk model chilling on Set 3 #hot

DENNIS & ALVAR #hotter

We placed a tent in a park. #uhu

Dennis, Dennis & Alver. #focused

Me and Cindy. #bonding

Alvar recapping the day on camera

Branko, doing the same

Thank you FRESH COTTON & WE ARE FIRST to invite me and make me a part of this experiment. I’m very grateful to meet new people and it turned out to be a learning experience.

Special shout-out to my new favorite set boys ever: DENNIS, ALVAR & RORY.


PS: Check out this little video recap of the day. It’s Dutch spoken, so please only watch If you are curious about my heavy Flemish seaside accent. And yes. That’s me laying on a table….#longstory