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Oi loyal readers.

It looks like I won’t be posting new stories this month… Common just cancelled his European tour (bummer) and my next possible subjects high on my wish list are only scheduled starting mid april… In the meantime I’m working on my very first and official ‘A POLAROID STORY PRESENTS’ party, which is ‘Kinda Like A Big Deal‘ to me and I will write about that experience very soon. It’s a one woman show over here and it’s not like I’m a ‘know-it-all’ in throwing parties, so this might turn out in one hell off a bumpy ride. And bankruptcy.  :s

Anyway, in the meantime, I decided to pull out some Polaroid shots I have never showed you guys before. Mainly because I’m on them. Hà.  So after some consideration I’ve decided to show them anyway, because in this blogs early days I already put two of them online. I rarely ask for a Polaroid picture with the artist and me. Why? Well. First. I’d rather save my precious film for the next artist than waste another one with me. The memory of the encounter is in my head ànd on paper and that means as much to me as the living proof of a picture. And second. Honestly? Most of the time I’m so nervous, I’m afraid to ask yet ànother Polaroid picture after I harassed them already for one or two shots and their solo pictures are simply more important to me. But like a mother with a big bunch of children, I secretly have my little favorites and I make an exception on my own rule and ask for a picture…

So… above you can see one I put online before and one I  haven’t shown before you can see here below…



Be patient, new stories will come… Like summer, you just have to wait for them just a little bit longer.