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Brussels, 12/05/2010

Hey… you know me.

I don’t play out all my cards on the table immediately. ­čÖé

From time to time, I look into my Polaroid vault, and see if I can dig up something interesting.

I’m releasing this ‘Purp Pola‘ in order to celebrate this pretty good track THEOPHILUS LONDON just released.

If you’ve been an early A Polaroid Story trooper you know I featured Theophilus London on here for some time now.

I shot this picture when Theophilus London was in Belgium already two years ago, when he was booked to perform at Les Nuits Botanique, a Polaroid partially part of this story. ┬áI shot this while hanging with Theophilus in a studio somewhere in Brussels. Another story I might tell one day. Who knows. ­čÖé

Styling-wise you’ll probably notice a Theo from a different period in time, let’s say, ┬ápre- Karl Lagerfeld & sequined wife beaters,┬áthen again, less is always more.

Really love the BIG SPENDER track, I’ve heard it in Paris for the first time live at his show in ‘La Machine Du┬áMoulin Rouge’ during Paris Fashion Week and have been patiently waiting for the release ever since.

The track, produced by DJ CARNAGE  became even more interesting with the A$AP feature.

Today the track is finally released, you can download it here.

( Premiered by VICE Magazine/Noisey | Spotted at Missinfo )

Stay frosty for ‘Lovers Holiday II : Rose Island‘, out on may 15th.

Theophilus will be touring in Europe pretty soon.



Technically this post could have been picture perfect if I had an A$AP polaroid to combine it with, but hey. Working on that one!